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Legal aspects of insurance for pleasure boats in Spain

The Regulation of the Compulsory Subscription Civil Liability Insurance for Recreational or Sports Boats is regulated in Spain by Royal Decree 607/1999 of April 16.

Its purpose is to establish the coverage of the extra-contractual civil liability that may be incurred by the owners of recreational boats, the persons authorized by them to skip the boats, the skiers that they may drag, for material and personal damages and damages that may be caused by mediating fault or negligence in Spanish maritime waters. For the purposes of this Regulation, floating objects destined for motor-powered navigation, including jet skis, as well as those that lack an engine and have a length greater than 6 meters, are considered pleasure boats. The navigation of vessels that are not insured in the established manner will be considered a serious offense.

Spanish ships or boats destined for nautical leasing must be registered in the 6th List of the Vessel Registration Register or registered, as vessels that are operated for profit, in the special regime provided for in article 8 of Royal Decree 1435/2010, of November 5.

Vessels and pleasure boats from other EU countries that intend to rent in Spain must demonstrate to the Administration that they are authorized in their country for the activity. Ships or vessels from third countries that intend to lease in Spain must have express authorization from the maritime Administration.

In any of the above cases, ships or boats may not carry more than twelve people on board, in addition to, when applicable, their crew.

Likewise, all recreational boats must have on board the safety equipment defined in Order FOM / 1144/2003, of April 28, which regulates safety, rescue, fire fighting, navigation and spill prevention equipment. due to dirty waters, which pleasure boats must carry on board.

To go to sea or, in general, to embark on navigation, every ship or boat requires prior authorization to leave, which will be granted by the Maritime Administration, called dispatch, without prejudice to the mandatory prior authorizations that correspond to grant other authorities (Article 18 of the LNM). The regime applicable to the dispatch of ships and pleasure boats is based on the Order of January 18, 2000, which approves the Regulation on Ship Dispatch, applying the so-called “dispatch by time” or season.

Among the mandatory provisions, highlight the obligation for the landlord to contract and keep in force, throughout the duration of the contract:

  • Civil liability insurance, in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory underwriting civil liability insurance regulation for recreational or sports boats, approved by Royal Decree 607/1999, of April 16,


  • Accident insurance that covers embarked persons, in accordance with the provisions of the Order of December 4, 1985 for the rental of pleasure boats, where the insurance indemnities may not be less than those provided for in the Regulations for mandatory passenger insurance approved by Royal Decree 1575/1989, of December 22.

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